One Off Cleaning

If you need somebody to help you keep your home clean and tidy, we have something to offer. Our One Off cleaning services are the perfect choice for you.

Professional One Off Cleaning Services London

Our team of well-prepared professionals will fulfil all of your expectations and meet your requirements. Our One Off Cleaning service includes wiping the skirting boards, mopping all the floors and hovering the carpets.

Our professional cleaners will properly clean your cupboards, wipe all surfaces, wipe washing machine and dishwasher, clean windows and window sills. All the light switches will be also carefully wiped and the surfaces – dusted. A special attention will be paid to the bathroom and the toilet. Tubs, toilet and showers will be properly sanitised and disinfected, shower doors and tiles – scrubbed and cleaned.

All the products used by our company are environmentally friendly, chemical-free and biodegradable. They are selected in such manner so that they can be completely safe to use around children and pets, yet strong enough to provide you with a cleaning service of a high class.

Our One Off Cleaning is hourly based service and can be tailored to your requirements and needs. We will be able to organise the service in the most convenient for your schedule, requirements and budget way.

We do provide domestic cleaning services as well commercial cleaning of your office buildings, shops or restaurants. We will offer you a wide range of deep-cleaning services to fit your specific needs and requirements. Even if you think that your expectations are too hard to satisfy, we will come to prove it wrong.


  • Flexible working hours
  • Availability from Monday to Sunday
  • Professional-grade cleaning products and tools
  • Experienced and well-trained housekeepers
  • Efficient and quick cleaning sessions
  • Excellent customer care support
  • Free no-obligation quotes
  • Two payment options – bank transfer and cash
  • No hidden charges (please have in mind that it is customer’s responsibility to provide a parking spot or cover the expenses)

Our customers love us:

If my flat could speak, it would say ‘thank you’. Every room was deep cleaned from top to bottom. So impressive.

I do appreciate your hard work and patience during the cleaning session. Now everything sparkles!

Thank you for bringing my home back in order. Your cleaners are the best in London.