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deep cleaning services in LondonOne of the reasons why you should trust our house cleaning services with your chores is that we always achieve a very high standard end results. We are trained professionals, based in Walthamstow, and any cleanings is within our skill-range. What you will get is a detailed cleaning service in a series of procedures based on an area in your house. We will bring all the equipment and tools necessary for a thorough, refreshing cleaning job. Our number one priority is our customers and we will perform the cleaning exactly the way they want, as to create a more natural after-cleaning environment.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


Studio flat

from £89

One bedroom flat

from £145

Two bedroom flat

from £165

Three bedroom flat

from £189

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Carpet Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


Hallway/ landing carpe

from £4

Bedroom carpet

from £23

Living/ dining room carpet

from £25

Minimum call out charge £55

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Upholstery Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


Two Seat Sofa

from £30

Three Seat Sofa

from £45


from £18

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One Off Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


starting from only

from £20/h

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Regular Domestic Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


from £19/h

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    House Cleaning Walthamstow

    house cleaning services in LondonIf you love to think of your home as your castle then you need to make sure that it is always in a tip-top condition because this is what every king and queen would want, isn’t it? The best thing you can do for your home and for yourself is to turn to our company and book our outstanding house cleaning service. We have specially designed it to help people who lead hectic lives enjoy their clean homes to the fullest.

    We are based in the area of Walthamstow and we are already looking forward to hearing from you.

    FAQ About Our Service

    How can you guarantee my safety?

    To preserve our reputation as a trust-worthy company, we’ve taken precautionary measures against probable violations against your rights as a customer. First, we run a background check of our prospective maids to make sure they have a clean criminal records. Second, we interview them to familiarize ourselves with their qualifications and experience. And finally, we provide them with full insurance, which covers any damages you, your maid or your property might withstand in the process of work. Our company takes full responsibility to reimburse your money and bear all expenses in connection to any foul play that will cost you inconvenience of any sort.

    How can you guarantee results?

    It is our deep belief that paying lip service to our customers won’t give us a vantage point. We want to make you certain that we can deliver the quality service we promise. This is done in two ways. Before a maid comes to your doorstep, they undertake a rigorous training course in accordance to the highest standards in the industry. Furthermore, they regularly go through quality qualification improvement sessions to introduce themselves to the latest trends in the cleaning world. We can assure you that our specialists are fully qualified to meet each of your individual requirements because they follow our renown cleaning system. It has acquired many positive reviews from satisfied customers though the years.

    What schedule does your maids follow?

    Our maids work entirely for you! You can take advantage of their skills for a period of time that suits the needs of your household. Various regular arrangements from one time a month to every day of the week are viable options at your disposal. It is you who decide on the frequency and duration of service. We can send you someone all day long seven days a week and on holidays too. They will stay for several hours to virtually the whole day at your convenience in order to fulfill your every request.

    Professional House Cleaning in E17

    house cleaning servicesWe believe that it is crucial to live in a clean and healthy home, no matter at what costs. If you think along the lines, too, then you will find our offer quite irresistible. Book the house cleaning services of our company and we will be extremely happy to keep the constant level of cleanness and hygiene of your home. If your house or flat is located anywhere in Walthamstow, then we can assure you that we are your best choice in the area.

    We will take the arduous tasks off your hands only in exchange for a dirt-cheap task. Tempting, isn’t it?

    house cleaningLooking for a reliable cleaning services provider to get the domestic chores off your plate? If so, you should not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are a long-established company that has been specialising in the house cleaning services for plenty of years already. You can book us as often as you wish since our house cleaning comes both for one-off cleaning sessions as well as for regular maintenance.

    We are available for bookings in the entire area of Walthamstow. Feel free to share with us your requirements and we will do everything in our power to suit them all.

    [smart-interlinking]house cleaningWe are the company that actually cares about its customers. This is why we have designed a unique house cleaning service to help you get your home in the way you want it to be. We have been working really hard to develop successful strategies and methods which are suitable for all types of homes.

    So any time you feel in need for little assistance from professional cleaners, do not hesitate to dial our number and we will help you get your home exactly to your liking. We are based in Walthamstow and we are patiently waiting for you.

    We are the company in Walthamstow that is always ready to go above and beyond in the name of our customers’ satisfaction. We have many years’ practice in the cleaning field and today we invite you to try our amazing house cleaning services. Benefit from our expertise and workmanship to see your home sparking again.

    Our house cleaning service includes: vacuuming and mopping of carpets, dusting all pieces of furniture, disinfecting of bathrooms, cleaning cupboards, counter tops, picture frames, baseboards, light fixtures, etc. With us, the spotless cleanliness is guaranteed. Contact us at your earliest convenience.

    No matter how hard you try to keep your home in a state of constant cleanliness, there would still be areas which collect a lot of grime and dust which remain unobvious to the naked eye. For this reason, it is advised to book professional house cleaning services every once in a while. Fortunately, you can take advantage of our assistance as often as you wish. We are open for bookings for both regular maintenance and one-off cleaning sessions.

    We can be found in every area of Walthamstow and we are open any day of the week, plus weekends and bank holidays.
    Are you looking around the market for seeds of change? Search no more! Our house cleaning company located in Walthamstow is the trade leader! We will help you transform your life and your home the way you want it to be!

    Our counter is full of rich variety of seeds on prices considerate for every pocket. Contact us at your convenience from Monday to Sunday to acquaint yourself with our tempting packages. We can make you a mix that answers your requirements. At your disposal are tax included professional products and specialized equipments to help you plant your choice of seeds. We are available to observe their growth for short and long term arrangements.