House Cleaning Services Notting Hill W11

deep cleaning services in LondonWould you believe us if we tell you that your dream home’s look is merely a phone call away? No, we are not kidding. Pick up the phone and dial the number of our company. Once you book our amazing house cleaning, you will be a step closer towards achieving the cleanest and cosiest appearance of your precious home.

We are lucky enough to work with the most experienced and hard-working individuals in Notting Hill who are always at your disposal to lend you a hand with the domestic chores. Contact us right away and put your faith in us.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


Studio flat

from £89

One bedroom flat

from £145

Two bedroom flat

from £165

Three bedroom flat

from £189

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Carpet Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


Hallway/ landing carpe

from £4

Bedroom carpet

from £23

Living/ dining room carpet

from £25

Minimum call out charge £55

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Upholstery Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


Two Seat Sofa

from £30

Three Seat Sofa

from £45


from £18

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One Off Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


starting from only

from £20/h

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Regular Domestic Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


from £19/h

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    House Cleaning Notting Hill

    house cleaning services in LondonSpare yourself the exhaustion and let the professional of our company lend you a hand with the domestic chores. We know how tiresome a cleaning might be and for this reason we are willing to do it for you without charging you an expensive fee.

    Our company has many years’ experience in the cleaning field and we are confident in the positive outcome of our house cleaning. We operate in Notting Hill and are professional cleaners are seven days of the week at your disposal. Plus, they will bring their own cleaning equipment which is powerful enough to combat all types of grime.

    FAQ About Our Service

    How can you guarantee my safety?

    To preserve our reputation as a trust-worthy company, we’ve taken precautionary measures against probable violations against your rights as a customer. First, we run a background check of our prospective maids to make sure they have a clean criminal records. Second, we interview them to familiarize ourselves with their qualifications and experience. And finally, we provide them with full insurance, which covers any damages you, your maid or your property might withstand in the process of work. Our company takes full responsibility to reimburse your money and bear all expenses in connection to any foul play that will cost you inconvenience of any sort.

    How can you guarantee results?

    It is our deep belief that paying lip service to our customers won’t give us a vantage point. We want to make you certain that we can deliver the quality service we promise. This is done in two ways. Before a maid comes to your doorstep, they undertake a rigorous training course in accordance to the highest standards in the industry. Furthermore, they regularly go through quality qualification improvement sessions to introduce themselves to the latest trends in the cleaning world. We can assure you that our specialists are fully qualified to meet each of your individual requirements because they follow our renown cleaning system. It has acquired many positive reviews from satisfied customers though the years.

    What schedule does your maids follow?

    Our maids work entirely for you! You can take advantage of their skills for a period of time that suits the needs of your household. Various regular arrangements from one time a month to every day of the week are viable options at your disposal. It is you who decide on the frequency and duration of service. We can send you someone all day long seven days a week and on holidays too. They will stay for several hours to virtually the whole day at your convenience in order to fulfill your every request.

    Professional House Cleaning in W11

    house cleaning servicesWhen on the brink of despair, remember that the darkest hour is just before the dawn! Let our house cleaning company bring the first rays of the sun in your home! We shine on the whole area of Notting Hill.

    Better days are on the horizon for you! Choose us and get a rest from the drudge of housework. Our maids will lend you a helping hand whenever you make a request for our services. They have years of experience in the field and can offer you solutions for any problem area of your home. We offer you budget-friendly prices for short-term and long-term arrangements.

    house cleaningYou know what they say! All you need is love but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. Award yourself with a box of chocolates! Choose our chocolate factory for house cleaning services located in Notting Hill!

    We can offer you a variety of tastes and mouthwatering combinations according to your personal preferences. Decide on the right doze of sugar intake that fits the needs of your household. Surprise your tasting buds with our exquisite line of products and equipment. With us everyone can find an appealing price affordable for them whenever they make a request for our services during the week.

    [smart-interlinking]house cleaningNot only does a dirty home worsen one’s mood and make him or her feel low but can also be detrimental to his or her health. Our heartfelt advice to everybody from Notting Hill is to give our unique house cleaning services a try and forget about their worries. We are devoted to our job and we can do everything in our power to provide our customers with the desired state of cleanliness.

    Our house cleaning services are fairly priced because we aim at making people happy. If you want to join our vast community of satisfied customers, do not hesitate to call us soon.

    If a chill goes down your spine when you have to clean your home, contact us! Our company is the antidote for your fears! We will warm you with our hot house cleaning services available for the residents of Notting Hill!

    With us you can choose your own tailored cleaning plan that would meet the needs of your household. We keep our prices fair and in accordance with your arrangement. You can book our services for one-off or regular service every day of the week. We offer you the best qualified cleaners who are guaranteed to make your home spotless clean like never before!

    You and your home have relationship problems?! The course of true love never did run smooth, after all! Our house cleaning company can be your love guru!

    We offer our expertise to all the residents of Notting Hill seven days a week. Contact our office representatives and find what our qualified house maids can do for your home. They will take notice of the individual need of your house to deliver you a service that would be worth you money. Choose a cleaning plan for a fixed time arrangement on a price considerate for your budget. We promise to make you and home fall in love again!
    At our company, we are devoted to the home care and we are willing to do anything in our powers to turn your home into your favourite place to be. Being located in Notting Hill, we are given the opportunity to assist a great number of people, even those who live in the remotest parts of the area.

    The house cleaning service of our company is economically priced. For your convenience, we bring our own powerful cleaning equipment which is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. We have proved to be the champions in this competitive field and our achievements will remain unbeatable.