House Cleaning Services Balham SW12

deep cleaning services in LondonIf you own a big gorgeous home and you find it hard to keep it clean, do not have second thoughts to benefit from the house cleaning services of our company. We have spent a number of years in the cleaning field and we stand by our name. If you are interested in getting a little help from us, you can do it any time convenient for you. We promise you a quick response and a chance to squeeze you in our schedule even on a short notice.

We are available in Balham and nearby areas seven days of the week.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


Studio flat

from £89

One bedroom flat

from £145

Two bedroom flat

from £165

Three bedroom flat

from £189

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Carpet Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


Hallway/ landing carpe

from £4

Bedroom carpet

from £23

Living/ dining room carpet

from £25

Minimum call out charge £55

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Upholstery Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


Two Seat Sofa

from £30

Three Seat Sofa

from £45


from £18

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One Off Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


starting from only

from £20/h

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Regular Domestic Cleaning Service

High quality cleaning service


from £19/h

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    House Cleaning Balham

    house cleaning services in LondonIf you are worried about your house environment, we can make you stop. We are a professional cleaning company, operating in Balham and we definitely have what it takes to give your house a thorough cleaning. We can make the surfaces sparkle and it will be perfectly safe for your kids to play! There is nothing we can’t clean and we are prepared to clean even things we haven’t yet seen.

    The question here is not if you should contact us, but when. We know how to make your place look fresher and smell better while cleaning it perfectly!

    FAQ About Our Service

    How can you guarantee my safety?

    To preserve our reputation as a trust-worthy company, we’ve taken precautionary measures against probable violations against your rights as a customer. First, we run a background check of our prospective maids to make sure they have a clean criminal records. Second, we interview them to familiarize ourselves with their qualifications and experience. And finally, we provide them with full insurance, which covers any damages you, your maid or your property might withstand in the process of work. Our company takes full responsibility to reimburse your money and bear all expenses in connection to any foul play that will cost you inconvenience of any sort.

    How can you guarantee results?

    It is our deep belief that paying lip service to our customers won’t give us a vantage point. We want to make you certain that we can deliver the quality service we promise. This is done in two ways. Before a maid comes to your doorstep, they undertake a rigorous training course in accordance to the highest standards in the industry. Furthermore, they regularly go through quality qualification improvement sessions to introduce themselves to the latest trends in the cleaning world. We can assure you that our specialists are fully qualified to meet each of your individual requirements because they follow our renown cleaning system. It has acquired many positive reviews from satisfied customers though the years.

    What schedule does your maids follow?

    Our maids work entirely for you! You can take advantage of their skills for a period of time that suits the needs of your household. Various regular arrangements from one time a month to every day of the week are viable options at your disposal. It is you who decide on the frequency and duration of service. We can send you someone all day long seven days a week and on holidays too. They will stay for several hours to virtually the whole day at your convenience in order to fulfill your every request.

    Professional House Cleaning in SW12

    house cleaning servicesCleaning your house can be a real challenge especially with some of the more stubborn stains that require a professional treatment. Letting our company’s cleaners, available all throughout Balham, perform the cleaning chores in your home will bring you amazing and thorough end results. We achieve our goal due to our long-time experience and knowledge of the cleaning process- not only are we equipped with all the necessary equipment, but also we know how to apply it right on all surfaces of your home and leave them sparkling clean. Your home will look cleaner than ever with us handling your chores!

    house cleaningDo you want to save yourself time, energy and money? If so, then hurry up and establish a contact with us. We offer professional house cleaning services which come at prices considerate for you wallet. If you book us, we will take of all of the chores for you and this way we will provide you with more free time for all the things you fancy doing.

    We are operating in Balham and we have confidence in the high standards in this industry we have set ourselves. Please, make sure to get in touch with us right away.

    [smart-interlinking]house cleaningOur house cleaning service, located and operative all over Balham, offers a strictly professional working environment. We provide the cleaning according to the customers’ opinion and preferences. Our cleaning technicians will make this a good experience for you as a customer- we will clean any area of your choosing and cover every single detail. By employing us you secure a level of ultimate security for you and your family- the cleanings we provide are very thorough and do not leave behind bacteria and pestilence that could harm your family’s well-being. Furthermore all cleanings materials that we use are environment-friendly and toxins-free.

    Don’t terminate your tenancy contract and run head over heels in an attempt to escape your housework. It will follow you whenever you go! Instead, get our house cleaning company located in Balham on your side!

    We promise to make your regular cleaning worries vanish into thin air! You don’t have to move, they do! Make a request for our services on the phone or online to see what we have to offer. We’ll wrap you up a nice cleaning package depending on your household needs and suitable for your schedule. Contact us and receive additional information about the expertise of our maids!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a little extra help now and then?! Our house cleaning company located in Balham is ready to step in and assist you in any way it can any day you call!

    We are ready to work our mojo for a one-off or regular arrangements seven days a week. Some of the best qualified cleaners will come to your home to aid you with every task assigned to them. They are trained to deliver you a high quality service in accordance to the individual needs of your household. Look at our cleaning plans and find the price package that suits your budget.
    If all you wish for is a little more free time just for yourself but the never-ending domestic chores keep on consuming it, we advise you to give our house cleaning services a try. We help people enjoy the perfect look for their homes without them having to sacrifice their free time and the last drop of their energy.

    Balham is the sacred place where you can request our house cleaning services. Or, you can contact our customer care support at the most convenient time and day to you. We are waiting for you already.